Applying Pilates principles and Pilates based movements help to correct ineffective and often destructive movement patterns and postures that contribute to pain. Developing the deep back and stomach musculature plays a critical role in protecting the spine and pelvis, enhancing posture and restoring pain free movement. This in turn reduces the risk of injury, relieves back pain and improves quality of life.

Yoga enhances the bodies own capacity to heal. Yoga’s gentle exercises take each joint through its full range of motion, strengthening, stretching and balancing each part. Relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises can relieve anxiety and stress and help to create a positive mental attitude all contributing to a successful recovery from injury.

I will forever be grateful to Lisa for correctly identifying a postural problem which had caused me severe headaches for many years.  With her encouragement and the help of a physiotherapist, in a very short time I have been able to reduce both the frequency and severity of the headaches. This has been a life-changing experience! ~ Mary Fabris

Lisa works closely with doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to optimize outcomes and does not diagnose specific injuries.

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