Pilates refers to the system of physical and mental conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s.This system focuses on training the mind and body to work together. Interned in the First World War, Joseph developed spring based exercises which later became the basis for the apparatus designed to use in conjunction with mat work.

STOTT PILATES® was founded in 1987 with a goal to promote the benefits of mind body fitness. Developed by former professional dancer Moira Stott, this approach is based on modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation.  It eliminates contraindicated movements and emphasizes neutral alignment, core stability and peripheral mobility.

Pilates Mat based programs
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Pilates Mat based programs 

These exercises are convenient and can be done anywhere. Applications are to all levels and special needs. Mat based programs offer multiple variations for variety and intensity and can incorporate light equipment.  

  • Challenges strength, balance, core stability and coordination.
  • Helps maintain good posture, alignment and muscle control.
  • Reduces stress, fatigue and poor breathing habits.
  • Works your body while engaging your mind.
  • Promotes self sufficiency while providing you with the necessary tools to attain your fitness goals.

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In a word - PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!   Lisa's in-depth knowledge of the muscle structure of the body is incredible. She will adapt a Pilates session according to an individuals issue at that time. She is caring, understanding and so very helpful that you feel wonderful and energized after each session. ~ Helen, RN

Reformer – A versatile, unique and adaptable piece of equipment which consists of pulleys, straps and a moving platform. This apparatus generates smooth muscular contractions while developing strength without bulk. Using springs as resistance these exercises can change the shape of your body.

  • Increases core strength, flexibility, posture and balance.
  • Is low impact with no sudden jarring movements.
  • Improves sport performance and prevents injury
  • Increases flexibility, joint mobility and enhances functional fitness.

With an extensive range of applications from post rehab to elite athletes, the reformer is suitable for all ages and abilities. This equipment offers additional exercises in Plyometrics.

I am in my 71st year and I have never felt more fit thanks to Lisa. I’ve had balance problems and pain due to bunions and fallen arches. Two years ago I started Yoga and Pilates with Lisa. My feet and ankles are getting stronger, my balance is improving and my feet are no longer aching constantly. Thank you Lisa. ~ Rita

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Cadillac - A three dimensional piece of apparatus that challenges the body in different planes of motion; standing, sitting, prone or supine.  This equipment consists of a horizontal table top that is covered by a frame on which levers, straps, bars and springs are fixed.

  • It improves posture, muscular strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Decreases stress, back pain and prevents injury.
  • Emphasizes deep breathing, controlled movements and mind body awareness.
  • Works all muscles simultaneously and builds stamina.

The Cadillac offers an extensive range of applications from post rehab to elite athletes and is suitable for all ages and abilities. This equipment offers a complete body workout.

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Busy schedules require flexibility. A variety of fitness options are available.
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Corporate wellness programs for the workplace 

Achieve your optimum level of fitness and wellbeing. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and appreciate how mind body fitness can reshape and transform your life. Contact Lisa.

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